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frequently asked questions

1. How do I create a website with Electrofolio?

First get an account by signing up (free website, or paid website).

Next, login to the electrofolio editor. From there you just follow the screen by screen instructions to set up your website. You won't need any technical knowledge.

You'll be able to make unlimited changes to your site for the duration of your account. In paid accounts, near the end of your subscription period you will be offered the chance to renew your subscription. Simple.

2. Will my site be search engine friendly?


Search engines (such as Google) will be able to read all your written content. In fact, we generate very nice clean HTML code.

You can also add Meta Tags to your site (do it on the account details page). You can also add tags to individual galleries or slides.

Tags are keywords that search engines such as Google can use to categorise your content.

We've optimized Electrofolio for search engines, and have been getting great results.

3. Can I upload videos?

You can insert videos from Youtube. Just add a video element into a page, place the video web address and Electrofolio will do the rest for you.

4. Can I sell my work online?

Yes, if you have a PRO account you can sell your work using PayPal.

5. Do I have to pay for hosting or anything else?

For Pro accounts, once you have paid the annual subscription, hosting is included for the duration of the contract (electrofolio hosts your site for you), and there are no other hidden charges.

6. Is electrofolio Flash or HTML?

All electrofolio used to be flash but its HTML5 now. Flash is only necessary access our powerful website editor.

7. What is Flash?

Flash is a multimedia platform that enables animation and interactivity to web pages. Electrofolio uses it for simple things like fading smoothly between slides during a slideshow, or loading pages smoothly.

Flash sites require the Flash Player. Nowadays this comes as standard on PCs and MACs, and is free to download. Find more information about Flash.

8. Can I organise my own hosting?

No. Electrofolio sites have to be hosted by us, as the code is copyrighted, and can't be uploaded anywhere else.

However, depending in demand we could create a version that could be loaded in local devices like CDs or memory sticks.

9. What if I have little or no experience with computers?

That's no problem.

You don't need any technical knowlege to use electrofolio. As long as you know how to use a mouse and a keyboard, and you are at least familiar with a few basics such as browsing websites, typing, scrolling, clicking etc., then that's all you need to know really.

Everything will be explained in simple step-by-step English, and if you get stuck, you can view the video tutorials.

Why not sign-up and see how you get on?

10. Do I need to know anything about programming (HTML/PHP etc.)?


Everything is done online via our content management system, which has been designed with the general user in mind. You don't have to install anything or program anything.

11. How is the content displayed on the site?

Yes, tere are 2 ways to show content:

Using MyWork: It's a system that simplifies the way you upload contents to your site. It's divided in three levels: portfolios › galleries › slides.The layout is fixed in each level but can b edited.

Custom pages: You can design custom pages from scratch to contain text, pictures, videos and links with any layout per page.

12. Is there any limit to the amount of changes I can make?

No. You can change your site as much as you want.

13. Can I analyse and monitor the traffic to my website?


Our system is compatible with Google Analytics, which is a very powerful free tool designed to analyse web traffic. You just need to set up a Google Analytics account, which will give you an ID code. You then paste this code into the relevant box on your Account Details page, and your website will then be ready. All the monitoring is then done via your Google Analytics account

14. Can I have my own domain name?

When you create an account with electrofolio, your site address will be in the format of

However, if you want to purchase your own domain name in the format of (for example), you can get it from a domain registration company, then you can link it to a premium account, following these steps.

If you want to redirect your own domain to Electrofolio, there is more information here.

15. Will I have a bandwidth limit?


16. I already own a domain name, but my domain registration company doesn't offer a web forwarding service. What can I do?

Get an account with another domain registration company that does support it, and move your domain over to the new one.

We use 123-reg which does support web forwarding.

17. I already have a domain name and email set up with another hosting company. Can I move it to electrofolio?

No, we don't offer domain name registration or email services. If you have those services already then keep them as they are, and consider using web forwarding to direct traffic to your electrofolio site.

18. Can I set up email with @electrofolio?

No, we don't currently offer email services.

19. Can I have music or sound on my site?

Not yet.

This may be possible in the future, depending on demand. Email us if you want to express interest in this service.

21. Do you have a support telephone number?

No, sorry. Our low subscription fee doesn't cover the costs involved in supplying a telephone support service.

Email us instead, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.