Importance of having an online portfolio.


If you're an artist, a designer or a photographer working today, you will need a portfolio website. Electrofolio has years of experience in creating professional online portfolios.

When presenting your art as paintings, drawings, photographs or designs, you are being judged as a person well as an artist, photographer or designer. If your website is clean and tidy, easy to navigate, quick to load and attractive then the impression you are giving is that you are smart as well as talented, and that you will be successful because you are professional and organized.

When we first set out to design our online portfolio tool Electrofolio, we had one main goal: to make it as easy as possible for non-technical people to use. We even experimented with the phrase "if a monkey can use it, I can use it" (take a look at this early mock-up for an ad). True, we have yet to test it on monkeys, but we have spent years developing a tool that most humans find a pleasure to use.

Our first tip when building your portfolio website is to start with something simple and build from there. An easy-to-use tool is essential.

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